EPS-HEP Conference 2021
European Physical Society conference on high energy physics 2021
Online conference, July 26-30, 2021

Instructions for joining EPS-HEP2021

EPS-HEP2021 will be a purely online conference. In this space we provide information on how to best participate in the conference, and how to use the different tools to optimize your experience when attending EPS-HEP2021. Please find below instructions how to connect to the Zoom rooms and the Poster session.

Zoom rooms

In the following, you can find the links to the zoom rooms of the different sessions. The passcodes have been sent to the conference participants via email. (Please contact eps21-info@desy.de if you did not receive them.)

Plenary session

Plenary session (also broadcasted via live stream)

Review sessions

Review stream 1
Review stream 2

Parallel sessions

T01: Astroparticle and Gravitational Waves
T02: Cosmology
T03: Dark Matter
T04: Neutrino Physics
T05: Heavy Ion Physics
T06: QCD and Hadronic Physics
T06-T07: Combined: Top, Electroweak, QCD and Hadronic Physics
T07: Top and Electroweak Physics
T07-T09: Combined: Top, Electroweak and Higgs Physics
T08: Flavour Physics and CP Violation
T09: Higgs Physics
T10: Searches for New Physics
T11: Quantum Field and String Theory
T12: Detector R&D and Data Handling
T13: Accelerators for HEP
T14: Outreach, Education and Diversity

Poster session helpdesk

Poster session helpdesk

Öffentlicher Abendvortrag / Open talk

Öffentlicher Abendvortag / open talk (Webinar: no passcode needed)

Virtual tour of DESY and UHH campus

Virtual tour of DESY and UHH campus


EPS-HEP Mattermost channel

Poster session

The poster session will run with the virtual platform Mozilla Hubs and can be accessed via your browser. You do not need any extra software beyond your browser. We recommend to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, Safari does not work from our experience. We recommend to start a fresh Mozilla or Chrome session in order to avoid performance issues, but it still might take a little while until the session loads - please be patient.

The posters are distributed between 30 different virtual rooms as listed in the following page:

Click here to access the poster session rooms (user name: "eps2021", password: the same as for the zoom sessions).

You can in addition always view the posters on INDICO outside the virtual session. The above page provides for each poster a direct link to the PDF version of the poster as well as its contribution page on INDICO. Alternatively, you can also find the posters directly via the Contribution List in INDICO (click on the little "Funnel" symbol and select Type "Poster". You can also select the session or the speaker you are interested in.)

If you are having any trouble, please contact us through the mattermost channel “Poster Session Technical Help”.

Entering a room with posters

After entering the poster session, you will first be directed to the lobby. Click “Join Room”. You will have to choose an avatar. We ask you to please chose your real name for the avatar in order to help creating a real-life poster session feeling. Poster presenters, please add "Presenter" after your name. Then click “Accept”. You can now test your sound and microphone. Then, click “Enter Room”.

If you only want to look, and not participate in discussions, you can enter as a spectator. 

Please note that every room can host only 30 people that can interact with each other. If a room is full, you will still be able to enter the room albeit as "spectator", which means you will not be able to interact with other people in the room. Alternatively, you may chose to enter another room, of course, and come back later.

Navigating inside a room

Inside a room, you can navigate by using the arrows on your keyboard or the keys “W”, “A”, “S” and “D”. Turning around is possible with the keys “Q” and “E” or by using your left mouse button.

To enable the flight mode, type /fly in the chat box, or press G on the desktop. You can then fly by moving your head upwards with the mouse and then moving forward. If you change the room, you will have to reactivate the flight mode.

You will notice that the voices of people become louder the closer they are.

Visiting a poster

To visit a poster, navigate to the poster and right click on the poster. After that, choose “view”. You are now centered with respect to the poster. By navigating left and right you can read the content of the poster. Going forward and backwards will let you zoom in and out of the poster.

Changing the room

In order to change a room, go to the staircase sign with the caption “to Room X”. Then click “visit room”. Alternatively, you may simply exit the room and rejoin another room of your choosing.

For poster presenters

If you want a pointer to show something on your poster, click on the green “Place” button in the middle part of the menu panel in the bottom of the page. (Be careful: by clicking and holding your mouse you can draw something on your poster. If you did, you can remove the drawing with “control + z”.)