EPS-HEP Conference 2021
European Physical Society conference on high energy physics 2021
Online conference, July 26-30, 2021

Plenary and review talks

The EPS-HEP2021 conference will feature both plenary and review talks (plus parallel talks). While plenary talks follow the traditional format of addressing all participants at the conference, review talks are targeted towards a more specialised audience, with two review talks running in parallel. For both types of talks, the slides and recordings of the actual talks will be available through the INDICO page of the conference, after the event.

Plenary talks

LHC Collider Status and Future: Jörg Wenninger (CERN)

Highlights from the ATLAS Experiment: Stéphane Willocq (Massachusetts)

Highlights from the CMS Experiment: Marco Pieri (San Diego)

Highlights from the LHCb Experiment: Franz Muheim (Edinburgh)

Highlights from the ALICE Experiment: Klaus Reygers (Heidelberg)

Highlights from the BELLE II Experiment and Flavour Physics in e+e-: Carsten Niebuhr (DESY)

Highlights from Neutrino Physics Experiments: Christian Weinheimer (Münster)

Dark Matter and Axion Searches: Babette Döbrich (CERN)

Gravitational Waves: Samaya Nissanke (Amsterdam)

Multi-messenger Astroparticle Physics: Anna Franckowiak (Bochum)

Observational Cosmology: Ariel Goobar (Stockholm)

Standard Model Theory: Jonas Lindert (Sussex)

Beyond Standard Model Theory: Anson Hook (IAS Princeton)

Quantum Field and String Theory: Juan Maldacena (IAS Princeton)

Quark and Lepton Flavour Theory: Ana Teixeira (Cleremont-Ferrand)

Future Collider Projects: Lenny Rivkin (Lausanne)

Conference Summary: Florencia Canelli (Zürich)

Review talks

Higgs Measurements: Kerstin Tackmann (DESY)

Standard Model Measurements: Paolo Azzurri (Pisa)

Searches for Exotica: Andreas Hinzmann (Hamburg)

Rare Decays and CP violation: Paula Alvarez Cartelle (Cambridge)

Neutrino Physics with Particle Beams: Sara Bolognesi (Saclay)

Cosmic Messengers: Irene Tamborra (NBI Copenhagen)

Emergence of Quark-Gluon Plasma Phenomena: Francesca Bellini (University of Bologna)

Higgs Theory: Veronica Sanz (Sussex)

Calculational Techniques in Particle Theory: Lorenzo Tancredi (Oxford)

High-energy QCD Matter Theory: Aleksas Mazeliauskas (CERN)

Cosmology and Dark Matter Theory: Tracy Slatyer (MIT)

Neutrino Theory: Thomas Schwetz-Mangold (Karlsruhe)

Future Astroparticle Facilities: Teresa Montaruli (Geneva)