EPS-HEP Conference 2021
European Physical Society conference on high energy physics 2021
Online conference, July 26-30, 2021


The EPS-HEP2021 conference will feature a virtual poster session, which will be hosted with the platform Mozilla Hubs. The posters will be distributed between 30 different virtual rooms, each room hosting 10 posters.

There will be one main poster session on Tuesday, July 27 from 5-7pm CEST. All posters will be shown during this session and the presenters are invited to virtually "stand" in front of their poster, presenting it to the viewers. There are two additional poster session time slots on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, where the virtual rooms will be open to view and present the posters. These sessions run in parallel with other sessions. Please see the INDICO timetable for details.

Accessing the poster session

The poster session can be accessed with your browser (best Mozilla or Chrome, Safari does not work) via the links provided in the following page:

Click here to access the poster session rooms (user name: "eps2021", password: the same as for the zoom sessions).

Please refer to Connection for detailed information how to connect to the poster session and how to navigate the rooms. If you are having trouble, please contact us through the mattermost channel “Poster Session Technical Help”.

For poster presenters

Please prepare your poster as a 1-page PDF (or PNG) with maximum size of 50MB in landscape orientation in order to have the best experience with Mozilla Hubs.

To make life easier for the conveners we like to ask you to upload your poster file to your contribution in INDICO yourself. If you do not have an account on the DESY INDICO system, it is very easy to register and ask for an account. If all fails, you may ask the conveners of your session to upload the poster for you.

Please upload your poster file before July 19, 2021.